29 Feb

Las Vegas Surgeon Offers the Best Tattoo Removal

How often have you linked a plastic surgeon to tattoo removal? My guess is probably never. When you think of plastic surgeons, your mind most likely goes to procedures such as lip injections or tummy tucks. Dr. Khorsandi, a board certified plastic surgeon, has most recently opened a new location in Las Vegas that offers tattoo removal using the best machines in the industry.

Many people ponder whether to get a tattoo removed and always question if it hurts or not. My answer has always been that getting the tattoo was probably far more painful that removing it. The innovation in technology has made erasing ink from your skin close to pain-free, and it only requires a few sessions. Keep in mind, the number of sessions varies based on a few factors, which include, your skin tone, the colors used for the tattoo, and the size and the tattoo.

If I were to recommend any advice for tattoo removal, it would be to find a qualified surgeon over someone with a certification. This is why this news is so significant for this industry. More surgeons are getting into this business and are phasing out the small operations that offer mixed results for people. With Dr. Khorsandi joining the scene, we now see how important this movement is to the tattoo removal industry. It has gotten to the point where if you do not have a plastic surgeon who offers this in your area, then that Las Vegas trip that you were planning just got far more enticing.


RevLite SI Laser Machine

I know you’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself “That will cost a fortune because he’s a plastic surgeon!” I’m sure people would rather save money and go to a generic tattoo removal clinic, but just like anything, you get what you pay for. The price differences between going to Dr. Khorsandi’s clinic (VIP Tattoo Removal) and a certified clinic is not substantial for you to sacrifice your safety or the results you deserve.

There are so many benefits to having a doctor do this procedure for you over a certified specialist. While a certified specialist might be qualified to provide tattoo removal, the care and attention to detail that a plastic surgeon can offer is second to none. Not only can you feel safer with a plastic surgeon, you are also guaranteed to get better results. Plastic surgeons perform far more complex surgeries on a daily basis, so something like removing ink from skin becomes extremely easy for them to do.

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10 Feb

Non-Surgical Tattoo Removal Now Available

Remove Tattoos with No Lasers

According to the Federal Health Ministry, more than 10% of the German one or more tattoos, trend can rise. According to TIME LIFE 12% of them want to rid of today your tattoo. 72% of people with a tattoo consider removing your tattoo at some point in your life.

Until the introduction of the laser treatment, there were very extreme and invasive removal permanent tattooing methods such as:

  • Small surgical Eng reefs (for small tattoos) – the tattoo was cut out and the skin stitched back together, which of course resulted in scarring.
  • Skin graft – the method is applied for larger tattoos. Here too, the scarring is a major problem in the area of skin removal and transplant site.
  • Dermabrasion – here be wiped off the upper layers of the skin after treatment with chemicals to break up the tissue. Also there is the problem of scarring.

All above mentioned methods are carried out due to associated pain under anesthesia.

tattoo removal

New methods were developed with the introduction of the laser treatment:

  • Evaporation – This used a carbon dioxide laser. There can be scarring.
  • Laser – It focusses laser pulses on the tattoo. The treatment is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. 15 to 20 treatments may be required. Fluorescent Yellow and green color is difficult to remove with the laser. At the laser treatment, a faded picture of the rest remains at best after many treatments. In addition, scars have occurred also in this treatment in many cases.

The Oxford skin Center method

This method applied for more than 15 years in America was launched five years ago in the UK. In this method, a harmless ointment is injected through a micro pigmentation PIN under the surface of the skin. This reacts with the ink of the tattoo and activates the defense system of the body (macrophages) that detect the ink as a foreign body.

The body repels then the tattoo ink in the same way as our body repels a splitter – to the surface, to form a crust. Only in rare cases, the entire tattoo ink in one treatment will be repelled. The number of treatments varies; with 4-6 treatments should be necessary. After the treatment, the skin restores its natural state in a few months.

Characteristics of the OSC treatment method

  • Less painful as the actual tattoo
  • Treatment and removal of the tattoo be made faster and more efficiently than with laser treatments
  • Sunlight must not be avoided (laser treatment)
  • Treatment is not confined to certain colors (laser treatment)
  • Aftercare relatively easy